About Me


About Me – Professionally

My background is in process and operations management, training, and consulting. I have over twenty years of experience writing extensively for a variety of businesses; clothing companies, staffing companies, manufacturing firms, non-profits and church ministries to list a few.

In 2006, I oversaw the construction of a community garden for a local non-profit serving the HIV/Aids homeless community. That project led to starting a back-to-work program called ‘HopeWorks’, for other non-profits serving the HIV/Aids community. I’ve worked with many community garden and youth projects; mostly in underserved communities and schools. My clients have included several church and outreach ministries, community groups, school districts and youth organizations such as ASPIRE. I have served in the non-profit community as a writer, mentor, advocate, and volunteer.

My Philosophy and Writing Style

There are plenty of great writers, copywriters, and content writers available and each has their own unique style and philosophy. It’s important to know if their philosophy and style are a good fit for the organization and their needs.

I believe that everything is about relationships! Successful marketing and communication requires a relationship with your audience. Building that relationship takes time; it doesn’t happen overnight.

That’s why I write in a conversational style. It encourages continual interaction between you and your audience. Interaction builds trust. Successful organizations earn the trust of their audience through respectful conversation and a relationship that keeps them coming back for more. My dad used to tell me “that people may not remember what you did, but they will always remember how you made them feel”.

  • How do you want your audience to feel about your products, services, and organization?
  • How can you tell your story in a way that invites your audience in and encourages them to play a part in your story?
  • Conversations and stories are what audiences remember!

A conversational style of writing is one of the best ways to build long-term relationships with your audience – whether you are looking for lead generation, sales, or community involvement and support –  constant, quality contact through emails, blogs, and social media maintain that relationship.

To find out more please don’t hesitate to contact me today on the contact form below.

About Me – Personally

 Like most writers, I’m a bit eclectic in my tastes. I spend much of my free time out on ‘The Porch’ (please feel free to read about it in my blog!) with my lovely wife. I enjoy the peace and serenity out there. I avoid drama like the plague and I tend to be somewhat of an introvert in my personal life, and a bit of a home-body. When I’m out and about, I enjoy people-watching and sharing meals with my family and friends. That’s probably why I enjoy conversation so much!

Studies show that a sense of awe contributes to a long life. If that’s true, then I’ll be around for a long time. The little things in life excite me and leave me with a sense of wonder…

My friends will tell you I’m extremely passionate about politics (I majored in Political Science and Economics at The University of Colorado at Denver) and generally start my days with The Porch followed by my newsfeed. I think they’ll also tell you that I’m a good husband, father, grandfather, and friend!

When I’m not busy writing, I can be found at the stables with the horses, hanging with my three rescue dogs, or working in my garden. I have a thing for homegrown tomatoes. I’m pretty sure all the world’s problems could become manageable if we’d all sit down together and enjoy a nice, ripe, homegrown tomato!

Gregory Joel

7804 Whitney Drive

Fort Worth, TX 76108