Sunday Morning

Thoughts From the Porch: It’s a warm, cloudy, but pristine morning on the Porch: a reminder that Spring, the resurrection from Winter, is just around the corner. As I sit here this morning, my thoughts and prayers bring me to this place of deep and abiding peace. It’s a sense of being a part of, rather than apart from. Those moments come much easier today. They remind me of the promise, I’ll have “life, and have it abundantly”, even when I still have farther to walk.
I really strive for simplicity in my life today. Most of the time I’m far from it. It seems so much easier for some. I want to drink from the well of “living water” that quenches my thirst on my trek down the path. Sometimes though, I let myself become a little dehydrated. I get caught up in anxiety or worry and forget, all to easily, I have a relationship with the God of my understanding. He’s promised to light my path, even if it’s only to see the stepping stone in front of me.
There are times when that’s really scary. I can’t see the destination ahead. So, it requires trust: trust that I’m being taken to a better place. When I look back at my life, it’s no problem to see God’s hand gently (and if truth be known, sometimes violently), and lovingly pushing me in the right direction. I can know this has been true 100% of the time and yet, I still worry if I’m going the right way.
Sitting here this morning, I realize such difficulties simply make me human. I’m okay with that today. There’s a lot of joy and freedom in that: freedom to trust knowing I’m on the path. I like that.
We have a busy Sunday planned: dinner with my father-in-law and helping our son with taxes. Our fur babies brought in more mud from the light showers we had this morning. They did that after a thorough Saturday cleaning so we, or more appropriately I, get to mop the floors again.  The list goes on…
Right now though, it’s real simple. I’m going to go in, get another cup of coffee, kiss my wife and tell her how much I love her. I think I’ll trust God and simply enjoy the day. The rest will get done. One step at a time…

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