Choose The Local Coffee Shop

I am NOT a fan of the green straws (please don’t hate me yet!). Support local businesses and especially your local coffee shop

Coffee Made Better

In an age where green straws have found their way off every highway exit and at every major intersection; I bring a strong urge to you.

When given the choice: choose the local coffee shop.


In the small town of Black Mountain, NC, there sits a coffee shop called The DripolatorI frequent ‘The Drip’ and in turn have grown to love it. The Dripolator roasts their own beans and pulls from fair trade and organic exports. Their coffee is fantastic; but even better is the community that ‘The Drip’ provides.

IMG_2134(The Drip pictured above)

On my daily visit (sometimes twice a day) I am met with baristas that I know by name and locals that I know by face (and some by name). After visiting this place over and over again, I have found myself nestled into a beautiful community. Nestled into a community that knows me…

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