Miracles of Healing…

I’d been doing some SEO copywriting all day and had to take a break from the computer screen. So, I drifted off to the porch to mull my project over in my mind and have a cup of coffee. Even when it’s overcast and a bit chilly the porch is a welcome respite from the keyboard.

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I was checking text messages when I got a call from my friend David. I’ve written about my friend before.

 David has been a constant in my life for many years now.He’s been an excellent mentor and example of what friendship truly is. He’s been with me through some rough times. When I was in Neuro ICU with several strains of post-operative Meningitis, I can’t tell you how often I came to and saw my friend sitting there. When I’ve had business, and more importantly, spiritual questions, David has been my support. I can’t even express in words how grateful I am for him and his wife, Nikki.

Seventeen months ago, Nikki called to tell me that David was in the hospital. He had been diagnosed with Stage Four cancer. It was my turn to be the visitor rather than the patient. Although the initial prognosis leaned toward a positive outcome, the cancer spread from his liver to his lungs. Suddenly, the future wasn’t so bright anymore.

Throughout the chemotherapy and radiation treatments, many of their friends, as well as Margaret and I, prayed for David and Nikki. David did his part. He completed the treatments. His health improved, and he even went back to work. His business (which I need to plug right here because his company does amazing work – and here’s the link! http://artisticstoneworks.com). Still, the black cloud of remission hung over him.

 The phone call was to share the miracle that my friend iscancer-free! In seventeen months, David went from stage four cancer to cancer-free. David did his part and prayers were answered.

 I got to spend some time with David yesterday. I treasureour time together. He also told me that the same day his black cloud was lifted, one of our mutual friends passed away due to her cancer. The irony isn’t los ton me.

 I don’t know why some folks are blessed with the miracle ofrecovery and others aren’t. I don’t pretend to know the answers. What I do know is that prayers for healing manifest themselves differently.

My friend Jim lost a wife to cancer. Sometime after she passed, he was driving, crying, and overcome with grief, questioning why God didn’t answer his prayers for her. He heard a voice, as clear as day, tell him, “You asked for healing and that’s just what I did. I healed her from her pain”.

He would always tell me that story when I found myself in my own struggles. Clarity seemed to come afterward, as it did for him. Sometimes we need to redefine our definition of healing.

Two people affected by the same cancer had two vastly different outcomes. I’m so grateful for my friend David’s recovery, but I mourn my friend Kim’s passing. Still, both are healing miracles. One is a beaming light in a dark world. The other is a reminder that this isn’t all there is. Both remind me that all we have is today. So why not live it well?

 There are no words to explain the joy I feel when it comesto David’s miracle. I’m happy just to spend another day with him.

There are no words to explain Kim’s miracle either. Words hold little meaning for those of us in grief. Now is not the time for words, but for being there for one another. Sometime in the future, each of us will work through our loss only to discover the meaning of a life well lived.

I haven’t always been good at taking time out to show my appreciation to those who are important in my life. Yesterday was a reminder that I need to listen to the quiet little voice that says to stop and enjoy the presence of those I love and call friends.

Yesterday also reminded me of the importance of “carpe diem”: seizing the day and living it fully. 

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