I walked into a meeting Saturday afternoon and the rain had just stopped. When I walked out an hour later I saw something I hadn’t seem in almost two weeks: sunshine! Those of you who live elsewhere might not get the significance of the moment. Nine days of rain, most of it heavy, gets pretty oppressive to one’s spirit. I spent more time mopping up after our dogs than I did working. That gets old. Real quick…

In true Texas fashion, the rain stopped, that sun came out, and we’re looking at seventy degrees today. It might even be dry enough to finally rid myself of the horse manure that’s been sitting in my truck bed for the last week and a half! I’m sure our neighbors will appreciate that. But that’s another story…

I generally try to be upbeat in my posts. Encouragement and expressions of gratitude have their place. We need more of them. But that wouldn’t be completely realistic. You see, I’ve come to learn that sometimes life is much like the weather. Sometimes my attitudes and thinking get clouded by long periods of nasty weather. Then the sun comes out. The light stuns me with awe. The grass is a little greener than it was a couple of weeks ago. The Amaryllis is starting the bloom in the backyard. Buds begin to appear that weren’t there before the rain. Life is full of new opportunities.

Perhaps more importantly, the light exposes some outdated and outmoded thinking. It’s a reminder that maybe it’s time to take another look at where I am and where I want to be. How can I love people better? How can I be a better husband, father , and grandfather? How can I be a better man? How can I be a real disciple of the Rabbi I claim to follow? How can I share in creation; especially in creating a better place around me? I don’t even know what’s good for me half the time…

I’m thankful for a power greater than me, the one I call God, that leads me to answer some of those questions. That requires a degree of honesty that really doesn’t feel that great; especially in public. I’ve learned I’m just not that unique. So maybe there are other to share the path with. Maybe you too, gentle reader, can relate to some of the story. I’ll keep you posted…




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