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Good Citizenship…

It’s been more like Winter than Spring the last few mornings thanks to a visit from an early Spring cold front. It seems Winter refuses to let go. I know the feeling. Letting go is difficult at times. Letting go is usually the last thing I turn to – especially if it involves something of importance to me. I can sympathize, Winter, I really can. It’s time to let go, though. We’ll see you in a few months…

I spent a long time on the porch despite the chill this morning. I’m going in for a medical procedure tomorrow. It’s no big deal, just a normal thing that those of us over fifty do for wellness checks. My time on the porch will be limited tomorrow so I lingered a little longer today. Besides, I’m on a clear liquid diet and I need to distance myself from the kitchen…

I was busy prioritizing the day, but I kept hearing a verse from Matthew 6.33 where Jesus says, “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these other things will be added to you”. It was a constant reminder of where my real priorities need to be today. I’d like to think I’m a simple guy (some would say I’m a simpleton…), but I can easily over-think and complicate anything. My friend Jim called it “complicating the cornflakes”. If I really want to keep my life simple (the old KISS principle), I need to pay attention to the voice in my head. “Seek first God’s kingdom…”

The word “kingdom” is a little outdated. There aren’t many kingdoms left. Monarchies aren’t in fashion any more. Those that are, tend to be in name only. I’ve treated God’s kingdom like that – like He was king in name only. That’s probably why I’m so critical of what church has come to mean today. “You spot it, you got it”, right? I’m often guilty of being a lousy subject, but it becomes easier when I remember where my true citizenship lies.

When I was a kid, my report card included a grade for “Citizenship”. Being a “good citizen” was just as important as reading, writing, and arithmetic (I’m not sure that’s the case anymore and no, I’m not some old codger waxing nostalgic…). Lower marks in academic subjects happened from time to time, but I better have good citizenship grades all the time. They were about how I treated others and functioned socially.

Today I want to be a good citizen. I want to be like the King. Jesus, who was the very image of God the King, spent a lot of time talking about what the kingdom is like and how to be a good citizen. He made it very simple – love God and love people. Simple is not always easy though! Sometimes I can be difficult to love. I assume you can, too?

“Seek first…” I think I know what I need to do…

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