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A Christian or a Christian Nationalist?

I found this article on my newsfeed and I felt obliged to pass it on. I’m embarrassed to wear the name Christian in this day and age because this very vocal minority has hijacked my faith. They do not speak for those who follow Jesus and seek to live a “Kingdom life” that includes all of God’s kids…

What Is Christian Nationalism? | Christianity Today

Additionally, Christian nationalism is an ideology held overwhelmingly by white Americans, and it thus tends to exacerbate racial and ethnic cleavages. In recent years, the movement has grown increasingly characterized by fear and by a belief that Christians are victims of persecution. Some are beginning to argue that American Christians need to prepare to fight, physically, to preserve America’s identity, an argument that played into the January 6 riot.

Paul D. Miller

2 thoughts on “A Christian or a Christian Nationalist?”

  1. Dear Gregory,
    I live in Idaho…a conservative place if ever there was one. Here there are some Christian Nationalists but not as many as you would think. I do not think that Christianity has been hijacked by them. They are in the public square and quite vocal sometimes but real Christianity has always been about works, about the Presence of the Lord, about doing His work.

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  2. I agree Valerie. A follower of Jesus is marked by action, by their fruits. I mean hijacked in the sense that very vocal extremist have painted a negative picture of what our faith is about. Our faith is manifested in so many ways – both conservative and liberal (I hate labels) but it’s always marked by love – for God’s kids and for the Father that created us all.


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